Halloween Jack-o’-Lantern made with dry ice

Make your greatest Jack-o’-Lantern into a gorgeous centrepiece for Halloween. Your Jack-o’-Lantern will wow trick-or-treaters of all ages with the assistance of a little dry ice. Make a friendly or frightening pumpkin.

What you’ll need: a pumpkin, a knife, 1 big can of boiling water, salt, and 3-5 pounds of dry ice.

Select a pumpkin that is large enough to contain the can. Remove the seeds from the pumpkin and carve a friendly or terrifying face into it. Fill the can halfway with boiling water and add roughly a cup of salt to taste. Insert the can inside the pumpkin.

Drop two or three big chunks of dry ice into the can of water while wearing gloves. The dry ice will steam up and ooze out of the pumpkin’s eyes, nose, and mouth.

Keep in mind that ice will form around the dry ice as the water cools, blocking the steam from flowing. The salt in the water makes the steaming process last longer. Replace the cold water with hot water if this occurs. Steam will start to flow once more.

Try lining up several of these Jack-o’-Lanterns on a table. The eerie effect created by the dry ice is stunning. Caution: Please be creful not to let small children touch the dry ice. It will burn the skin.